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Fiesta 2008 Duratec 1.4 Diesel - Smoking When Warm

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Hi, first post so sorry if not in right area.

Just bought a 08 Fiesta zetec blue 1.4 tdci, its done 102,000, no service history record.

The problem is when its warm and been sat idling for 10-15 secs & rev to pull away it chucks out white/blue ish smoke. Its not losing any oil. I've just changed oil & filter and checking level daily.

When I bought it the seller said it had been stood up for a couple of months, so I put some redex in to help clear the system, have been keeping revs higher than normal on dual carriageways to clear any build up away, but doesn't seem to be getting any better.

Got cam belt done this week & garage said it could be the valve stem seals? could it be?

Any other ideas welcome

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Having taken the car for a long journey today, I have noticed the smoke from the car is increased after idling at a junction for a couple of mins. Felt sorry for the cars behind as I drove away after sitting at some lights for about 5 mins.

Any ideas welcome

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