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The Glow Plug Light Doesn't Always Show On My Dashboard On Ignition

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I very rarely see the glow plug light when I turn my car ignition on, does that mean it needs replacing ?
I have a few problems with my car as well which I guess a fault in the glow plug relay could create.

Very rarely I see it on the dashboard but it does come on sometimes

any ideas?


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Hi Mark,

It should always pop on, even if it doesnt last long.

Have you done a dash test to see if the LED is actually working?


No, not done a dash test but we had the glow plug relay off and my friend tested it with his machine and on one of the metal things it didn't read, my friend said it wasn't working. so he took another relay and put it in the place where the glow plug relay should be, and we could hear no buzz noise as he put it in, so he then says the board/circuit thingy may not be working and said he'll have to test that. I haven't been able to test that yet because he's been working on other car's and getting him to do any work is a nightmare.

I remember several weeks ago, he sprayed a fair amount of wd40 over relays and fuses, forgot why, could that have caused damage ?

And can a bad glow plug relay affect a car in any way ?

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