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Does The Egr Valve And Whole Manifold Have To Come Off Just To Replace Egr Gasket ?

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I have a 2006 mk2 focus sport 1.8 TDCI

Several months ago my friend replaced EGR Inc manifold. As I'm driving away I instantly hear a hiss noise when accelerating, I took it back to my friend but he says he cannot hear it which I think is his excuse.

He charged me quite a lot as well and took him 5 days to replace EGR valve

Inc manifold, he charged me £300 not Inc parts which I had to buy separately.

The noise is quiet, almost hardly noticeable at times but it is there and wasn't before. A slight hissing noise that seems louder the harder you rev, also noticed as were getting into winter and its getting cold, when I start engine from cold and rev you can hear the hiss, sounds slightly louder.

I am wondering if it could be the EGR Gasket, I would like to take it

to a different mechanic who is good on cars and knows what he is doing.

I want to have the EGR gasket replaced but can this gasket be replaced without having to take off the whole EGR valve and manifold ? as I've already paid a lot to have the job done

Thank you

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