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Rear Fog Lights


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Hi all. Hoping someone has the solution to this problem.

Whenever I press the rear fog light button it tells me that the bulb is faulty. However, I've checked both bulbs and they definitely both work. All other lights in the cluster work too. I initially thought it might be a fuse but I've not been able to find out if the rear fog light has a fuse. I did read somewhere that there isn't a fuse and that its controlled directly by the CJB(?) and that a battery reconnect may help.

Does anybody have any other ideas before I try disconnecting the battery?


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Thanks for replying. I've moved and replaced the bulbs lots of times, but no change. When I first turn the rear fog lights on, there is a slight flicker and then nothing. Further presses do nothing. If I restart the engine, the flicker happens again on the first press.

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