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Toped Antifreeze With Car Plan Red


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I picked up a Modeo mk3 tdci 2006 in May and since it has had an oil and filter change, the front brakes and tyres changed and a few other stuff done mostly at home with a bit of help. The car is in good condition and doesn't appear to use any oil or water however I checked my antifreeze strength and decided to add a bit of neat anti freeze to increase the strength. I removed some with the tester first so it was down to the min mark on the bottle and topped it up with Car Plan red premium which contains Ethendiol and Ethylene Glycol as does the ford stuff but after checking the manual fount that it doesn't have the same code on it starting W and am wondering if this is a problem. The other issue is I am not sure what the original coolant is but know from the tester it must contain ethylene glycol and looks red/pink ish.

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