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Flickering Reverse Camera On Ford Galaxy


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Has anyone seen reverse camera flickering issue on Ford Galaxy?

I bought this car last year in the summer and start having reverse camera flickering problem last winter.The car has been booked 4 for investigation by the dealer but they could not find the fault.

They have replaced the camera last end of last winter. The problem went away.

I have noticed the same problem again while the care was washed.

1. First a message came saying “break bulb fault” and then the rear view care screen stated flattering.

2. The “break bulb fault” has disappeared after about 10 minutes and come back again the following day.

3. The “break bulb fault” message disappeared again when I accidently drove over a curb.

I got my car booked again, I was told at the end fault could not be found, monitor and come back if it happens again.

I am seeing the same problem with the screen flickering since last week. No break bulbs are blown-up yet, but this is a matter of time.

The screens flickering occurs when the car is cold and weather gets cold and there is a moisture in the air and break lights go faulty very frequently too.

When the car gets warm for example if I drive the car for 3 miles the screen flickering stops.

My car is with the dealer at the moment. I just got a message saying they will replace the camera.

The dealer is trying to fix the problem and they are very friendly and help but I am not convinced the cause of the problem is at the camera. They
keep telling me they have checked all the unities and they cannot see any unit issue.

I don't think replacing the camera will not fix the problem. This might only hide the problem for sometime.

I am worded the when the problem occures again the car might be out of manufactor's warrenty.

I don't think replacing the camerawill not fix the problem. This might only hide the problem for some time.

I am worded the when the problem occurs again the car might be out of manufactory’s warranty.

Any advice is much appreciated.


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I don’t know the version.

I am first owner of the car. The camera was factory fitted. I have picked up the car today. I was told the camera and the loom has been replaced.

The camera has been replaced before. I will keep monitoring to see this problem is really fixed this time.

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I came on here to find out this exact same problem of the flickering reverse camera.

Mine is the same, only seems to happen when cold and the car is only 6 months old, on a Galaxy Titanium

Let me know how you get on and I'll get mine booked in (again, after issues with the DAB radio)


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Just seen this post and have a similar problem. Mine is a 2012 Titanium x and had a new camera fitted under warranty but it has not fixed the problem.It was only just out of warranty before the problem reoccurred. On this model the camera is fitted in the lower tailgate panel which is plastic and I have seen online that Mondeo's suffer a similar problem and one guy fixed it by connecting an earth wire to a screw in the camera module body then to a suitable metal part of the body to improve the earthing and it then worked fine.

I can get mine to work by tapping the plastic panel whilst in reverse and viewing the screen through the rear window until it stops flickering, this usually takes a couple of taps and then it will work fine until I open and close the rear tailgate, which unfortunately I have to do quite frequently because the dog goes in the back when we go out but its cheaper than the £200 plus I've been quoted to replace the camera.

I haven't been able to try the addition of an earth wire because the plastic panel is held in place by screws but also some kind of adhesive which needs to be cut away and I am scared I might damage the panel trying that.

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