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Best Aftermarket Lighting Combo - Suggestions And Comments


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Hi all,

As this doesn't really fit into any Ford model I thought I would post up a thread in here which should hopefully help out everyone with the various different models. I just wanted to add a thread up about everyones opinion about various bulbs and LED lights they have found to be good or indeed any to avoid.

The comments I would make with regards to my experience with are:

LED sidelights are pretty good - just make sure you use the SMD - much better than stock sidelights and last a lot longer. I believe I had some 9 SMD bulbs as DRLs on one of my old Volvos - kinda fit and forget.

Halogen bulbs - Osram Nightbreakers I have found to be the best, I believe that the Phillips X-tremeVision bulbs are also rated highly. Saying that I bought some basic Osram Neolux bulbs, quite cheap but they lasted well and had a good output.

Note on HIDs - when HIDs first came out they were indeed much brighter and better than the Halogen bulbs that were on the market at the time. I have however found that there are some Halogen bulbs (such as the Nightbreakers) that are either on par or surpass the HIDs. Due to the fact that its currently Illegal to run HIDs without the headlight usits used being HID E marked (plus the auto self leveling and have washer jets) it is sometimes a better option to get decent aftermarket halogen bulbs.

Note on 100w rally bulbs - there isn't really a reason to ever own a set of 100w bulbs unless they are fitted to aux driving lights (or indeed in a rally prepped Escort) - just stick with the standard wattage bulbs as although brighter they dazzle other drivers, are much hotter which could melt headlight plastic and there are usually better bulbs out there.

I haven't tried any of the CREE headlights but I am quite tempted to fit some LED brakelights at some point - anyone had any comments on these at all?

One further thing I would also like to point out about headlights/light units, no matter how good the bulb is that has been installed, unless the headlight is clean it won't give the desired output. Now that the roads are fairly mucky there will be a fair film of grime on lenses - ask yourself when was the last time you cleaned the headlights? Just a safety point on that last one, I try to ensure that my headlights are clean to give a good output and beam pattern.

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