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Focus Zetec S Body Kit - How


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Hi all

First post soory if this is in the wrong place.

I have a Focus Titanium x that I bought in March 2015 new and have decided I would like to have the zetec s body fitted to the car.

Have to say I know nothing about cars other than how to drive them so I would have to get somebody to fit for me.

After a lot of searching on the internet I think I need the following parts (names of the parts seem to vary)

Rear sport Spoiler


2 side skirts

front spoiler

New front grill

Is that Right?

my car was built in 2015 does that make it a MK3 ? therefore I can use body kit from 2011 to present.

If I order these direct from Ford its going to cost around £1200 just for the parts. I know I then need to get them painted and fitted.

I am finding it difficult to find anybody that can do the painting and fitting for me in the cheshire / Manchester area. idealy I want to take the car somebody that knows what they are talking about. not somebody that has not done it before.

I have looked on eBay (25181602807) for parts found one seller selling everthing I need except the front grill for £395.00 in PU Plastic. seems to good to be true compared to Fords price. is PU plastic ok?

Also the car is only 8 months old, will the parts that are removed be worth anything, could I sell them on?

Thanks for any help you can me


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Hi Stano

welcome to the forum!

yes, your car is the mk3 and 2011 onwards parts will fit your car.

getting new parts will be very expensive. any decent bodyshop will be able to fit the parts without issues.

if you are going the 2nd hand parts route you might even find them in the same colour as your car so will save money in painting costs.

the eBay item has been removed so cant comment on that. you can get all the parts cheap off eBay if you are patient.

most of the stuff is easy enough to fit yourself to be honest. all you need is a few diy skills.

if you get stuck then there are plenty of people on here who will help and advise you.

good luck

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If you have a Focus built 2015, then it will be the facelift, so you need facelift body kit parts (only the sideskirts are the same afaik).

You will also need the honeycomb fog surrounds if you want to complete the Zetec S look.

Any Ford dealer with bodyshop should be able to supply and fit. I know my dealer can (though not much good to you down here I know). Make sure you beat them up on price, there is usually about 20% I can get off accessories.

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Thanks for your help

I am finding it hard to find any body kit, now I have to find Facelift body parts.

I think the only way I can do this is by going to Ford and getting them to do it all, (I am hard of hearing) so far I am avoiding ringing as I find it hard to hear. I have emailed a number ford delers to see if the could do the job but I am getting no response from them.

Alexp999 - your car looks great its the same colour as mine, thats the type of look I want to get. I think the body work could cost not far off £2000 so I will have to stay with the alloys I have already got.

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keep a look out on ebay and also try the motorhogs website as they break a lot of cars.

Mark - put a pic up of your car so we can see what it looks like

i'm not sure but would these fit?






None of that except maybe the sideskirts will fit as they are all mk3 pre facelift parts.

Just for the avoidance of doubt, Mark, does your car look like this?


These are the style of parts you'll need:







They are all in the accessory catalog now too:


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Hi yes I think that is my car I will try to load a picture of mine tonight.

Thank you for your help with the parts list

looking at the prices Ford parts cost £1468 & European Parts without fog lamp housing come to £1116 do you know if that is including postage or is that extra?

Are European Parts reliable good quality parts?

Do have an idea of how much it should cost to get the parts painted and fitted to the car?

Also do the parts that are being removed from the car have any resale value? I could place on eBay

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I have never personally bought from European parts, but they ones I linked should all be genuine Ford parts - although worth checking with them.

You should be able to get about 20% off the Ford listed prices. Ford parts UK is a good source, but you'll pay a lot in delivery. Better to find a local dealer that will give you the best price for the parts.

No idea how much painting will be, I think I paid £100-150 for the spoiler on my old blue Focus.

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Hi I have added picture of my car to my profile, not sure how to add to a post.

It looks the same as alexp posted.

I think I am going to keep the upper silver grill as I like it, so that will save £170

I think I have found a Ford dealer that will do the work, will call them today for a price

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Don't let them just quote the RRP, there is movement on accessory pricing and they should be willing to do something especially if you are having most of the kit put on.

Just say you are calling round for best quotes or something.

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Hi again

Had a reply from Ford

The price for the parts seems very good to me £907 for

Front Bumper Skirt

Front fog light grills

Rear Spoiler

Rear Bumper

Side Skirts

They are charging £1000 for painting and fitting which seems a bit expensive to me, but I have no idea how much these things should cost to do

What do you think of the price

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I'd get a few prices from some bodyshops near you to see if this is a good price or not.

to me it sounds reasonable as it includes fitting.

talk to them to see if they if they can move on the price - also mention that you are part of this forum so should be getting a discount!

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I have been looking at pictures of the ST and have decided I would prefer the ST front bumper. Is it possible to fit one to the 2015 Titanium x?

It looks like I would have to replace the whole front of the car, so i guess that would be more expense.

Could I transfer the upper grill from my Titanium to the ST bumper?

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Grille is a totally different size so you can't use the one you have now.

Fogs surrounds are different possibly even the fogs themselves.

May need different brackets and the air guides are probably different.

If you have active cruise control it will be a no too.

Seems a lot of work...

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I recently got a ZS splitter painted and fitted at my local body shop for £80 all in. It pays to shop around.

Sent from the pub with a pint in the other hand.

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Parts ordered from Ford, just waiting for a date with the body shop now

Just to let you know there are 2 types of front bumper skirts depending on if you have adaptive cruise control or not

My car has adaptive cruise control the skirt for this is more expensive than the standard. Ford have increase the discount (17.5 to 20%) to match the original quote.

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New car part accessories can be expensive, I think ford wanted to charge about £2500 plus painting to add the zetec s kit through the dealer, I done mine earlier this year and done front skirt side skirt and rear skirt bought from a dealer then painted at local body shop for about £1100. The prices on European parts are close to dealer prices. Like you found out with different bumper options u will need to get the right one, I waited a year and half before ford released the triangular front zetec s grill with parking sensors.

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Any more updates on this? as i have the same car as you and want to to do the same so very interested in prices you paid for parts and pictures when fitted. Very interested to see how the titanium grille will look with the rest of the Zectec S body kit. Look forward to reply's and pictures. :)

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