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Can Anyone Help? New Iacv Revving High, Low Idle Cutout

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Hi, i was a member of this forum a while back, some of you guys helped me install a radio, i could not reset the password so i had to make a new account.

Anyway i have a problem with my 1999, 1.4 ford focus, for the past 9 months its been perfect but last week, the RPM went a bit strange, first it was jumping from 1k to 3k at the traffic lights, which was bearable however this week, it has started idling very low around 400 RPM, it has cutout twice with such a low idle. I was told it was the idle air control valve, it was simple to replace, so i purchased an idle air control valve from the scrap yard for £18 so i fitted it, started the car, and it just revs past 5000 rpm, it would probably go much higher if i didn't stop it by switching the ignition off. Any ideas?

My process of fitting was the idle air control valve was.

1 - removed red+ battery terminal

2 - removed both bolts from the idle air control valve

3 - unplugged the black wire connector on the idle control valve

4 - plugged new idle air control valve into the black connector

5 - put the two bolts back in

6 - put the red+ wire back on the battery

7 - started the car

Now the revs are going to high. Do i have to reset anything? i seen a few videos where people are unplugging the black- battery terminal and using little jumper leads from the red+ battery terminal while still attached to the battery?

Any help on this would be great, i don't want to get rid of the car i just had an mot which was £300 not only that but i like the car. I took it to a garage, they did a free diagnostic check, and nothing showed up.

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Try disconnecting the battery earth for an hour to reset the ECU then try it again. Also the wiring to the ISCV is known to break sometimes so give that a good check too.

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