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Hi all, need a bit of help please.

I've just bought an '05 plate 1.8 LX Mondeo hatchback. It's in lovely condition and only done 51K miles. I really like it but 2 things are confusing me. The light in the hatchback doesn't come on at all when I open the hatch - could it just be the bulb? The other thing is, the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel do not illuminate when the car lights are on, which makes using them in the dark very difficult. Everything else is illuminated so it seems strange that they aren't. Can anyone confirm if they should be? If so, could it be a fuse? Any help would be really appreciated.



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Hi Paul,

1) Yes it could be as simple as a bulb, or perhaps even a fuse. Do the rest of the bulbs come on?

2) I dont believe the MK3 has lights on the cruise buttons, I will have a look at a spare unit I have at home tonight (if I remember!) and will confirm, but I do not believe they are lit.

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Thanks for the answers about the cruise control buttons.

Regards Jeebowhite's question - yes everything else seems to be ok and light up, so presume it's bulb rather then fuse. Will replace the bulb first. Thanks.

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