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Fiesta Losing Power

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Hi all,

I have a 2009 fiesta diesel 1.4 tdci. This has happened a couple of times now and I'm slightly worried, I've booked in to be looked at but wanted to put feelers out to see what this could end up costing me.

I was driving on a dual carriageway the other day when at about 65mph, the car seemed to lose power, it didn't cut out but a warning light came on the dash as well as a message saying there was an engine malfunction and to get a service. The car had little or no acceleration and even after the light went off and I began driving again, it seemed to chug a little intermittently.

Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what the problem might be.

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I'd get the fuel filter changed first as it's the cheapest & easiest potential fix as well as a probable cause & often overlooked & then go from there, if it makes no difference you have at least eliminated it as a potential culprit at little cost

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