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Mondeo Won't Start, But After A Few Minutes It Will...

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Ford Mondeo 2009 2.0l diesel titanium

Hi, first of all thanks for taking the time to read this. Never had any problems with my car but on 2 occasions recently I've gone to start the car and the engine doesn't turn over, I just hear one faint click and that's it. The battery reads around 13.5v and the lights, radio, ignition all come on as normal. After a few minutes of trying and waiting, unlocking, locking, it starts like there's no problem. It's only done it twice but within the last few weeks and I'm wondering if it's a problem that will get worse now it's done it a second time. I noticed on the screen it said something like engine malfunction, it probably said it the first time but I didn't notice it.

Oddly the first time it happened was a few days after it went in for an MOT but the garage said it was nothing to do with them, which makes sense as they don't take anything apart during an MOT (no service at that time).

I've heard a battery can be bad even if the voltage appears fine, but all except two recent occasions the car starts fine. The weather is now a lot colder but wouldn't it always have this problem if it was the cold + bad battery.

Thanks for your help.


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Just a quick update:

I got the battery tested at a garage but they only told me it was unserviceable. I've since bought a new battery and so far all is well, haven't had any cold weather in the last few days but it does already seem to start better. Also the voltage of the new battery is around 14.4 so as you said 13.5 was a little low.

Thanks for your help.

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