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Rear Window Vibration In My Galaxy 2014


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My 2 rear windows have started rattling in the last few months. It started off on one side and now its on the other as well. If you put the window down slightly, you hear it every time you go over a slight bump. If the windows are shut, you don't hear it, but you do when you close the doors.

Its with the Ford dealership at the moment and they reckon its normal because they checked another Galaxy as well. I know for fact it only started a few months ago. Any ideas what it could be?


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are you saying it the boot windows?or the ones behind the front seats?

if its the rear most i was lead to believe unless its the titanium model the rear most windows wont open?BUT all the gubbins are apparently there,iirc it was something to do with thatcham security etc.

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