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1, Hi my car battery keeps loosing its charge at this time of year if i don't start it up for 12 hours i have to jump start it, plus when i lock my car the the (information display) stays on not sure if that is meant to happen:(

2, Also at this time of year for the 3rd time round my Audio unit keep going off an not coming back on on till it's ready lol sounds silly but for example it's not coming on now, but if i was driving a long distance it would soddenly come on.

So if anyone has any suggestion i am all ears thank you.

Regards Brucey

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Hi DEZWEZ thanks but iv just had the recovery out to bust my battery's an he checked the power level they said the level is not low enough for it to be the battery just keep making sure when i lock the car everything is off :( now iv seen the display information unit is still on iv got a feeling its that thats draining it hmmm.

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Hello and Welcome Brucey :)

It's normal for the display to remain on for around, as Derek has said, for about 10 minutes after deadlocking the Mk2/Mk2.5 Focus.

Have you checked the ouput from the alternator?

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