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Ford Transit 2008 2.4 Tdci 115Bhp Problem With The Injectors?


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I have a bit of an issue with my Transit which was cutting off and there was lack of power therefore I have changed injectors with brand new ones. However, when the engine is cold and working above 800 rpm the van is releasing a lot more smoke than normal and it cuts off until the moment it reaches normal working temperature and there are no problems whatsoever. I have also change the EGR with no positive effect. When taken to a Bosch garage for diagnostics, they said there is no problem when engine is optimal working temperature but cannot diagnose it when cold. I presume that there is a temperature sensor somewhere which sends wrong information to the computer of the van but I have no idea where to find it. Any suggestions or anyone who had a similar problem? Thanks in advance. :)

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Does the temp guage gradually increase in temp and stay steady on normal.?

Have you had injectors coded in and had injector pilot corection learn/ fuelpump learn carried out, also has pcm been updatedvto latest level. Having those 4 jobs done usually fixes any running issues ive found.

Garage needs to check fuel rail and cyl head temp sensors when cold on diagnostics

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