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Newbie with a few questions...

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Hi to everyone. I've just got myself a nice nearly new S Max 2.2TDCi Titanium and very pleased I am with it too. Got a couple of questions and i'd be appreciative if anyone offer up any help / advice.

I'm quite tempted with the Eibach sports suspension, which i'm assuming is the same suspension that would have been fitted if you'd have specc'd sports suspension on the options list from new. I want to know that while firming up the suspension is a family friendly ride maintained, or is it very stiff and crashes over bumps?

Also the car came with a thin bar that fits across the opening into small holes in the sidepanels of the tailgate. The salesman wasn't sure what this is and I'm none the wiser, but there is a diagram in the drivers manual that suggests it is the lower part of the luggage net. In my case it appears the net part of it is missing. Obviously if anyone out there who has the luggage net option can confirm that the net part does detach from this bar. If so i'll get back onto the salesman to get me the necessary parts to complete the kit.

Finally, what mat options have people gone for, especially for the boot? Do Ford offer a reasonably priced and quality set, or are the aftermarket options as good and cheaper?



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I can speak about the Suspension as my 2.5 x has the 18" wheels and sports suspension. I have to say at low speed around town, it is too hard. going from our Scenic to the S-max is a shock. It is much more bumpy in the S-max. At higher speeds it is a lot less noticeable.

Jez Hopkins

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