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Heating Problems

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Ii hope someone can help as my cars heating has broken and due to the great weather we are having i need to fix it lol.

so hopefully i will be able to explain what the problem is:

i got home the other night and noticed that the temperature gauge was totally in the red and the fan had kicked in this concerned me as my journey was only 7 miles but i thought it was just low coolant. i checked this and it was just under max.

i didn't use the car for a few days so didn't worry about it but i used the car today and now there is no heat at all and there gauge is still going into the red and the fan still kicks in again after a short journey.

any advise gratefully received as there is a lot of talk about:

blocked matrix

heater control valves

draining the coolant system


thanks for reading

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only happened the other day and like per usual always on a day when the garage isn't open lol also didn't want to take it to the garage unless it wasn't an easy fix nowt worst than when you have a blonde moment and you look stupid hahaha oh well @ least i'm keeping the lads in business pmsl

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