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Hey Guys,

I own a Mondeo Titanium X Sport 61plate (reg 2012) and wanted to know if and how to upgrade Convers+ system.

I've seen some videos put up YouTube of different looking convers+ which shows coolant temperature nxt to the car and some also have parking sensors displayed as well.

If there is a way of generally updating the software, how easy is it to do and what would I need to carry it out. Also how can I check what the current software is. Also any hidden menus which may contain the coolant display somewhere?

Many thanks as always for all your help.

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Check the current software by holding in Ok on the steering wheel as you turn the car on and yes the coolant display is in one of the menus on the old software (1218)the new software is 1412. Email alex ( murphy@yandex.ru ) for updates he has done a lot of work on the convers+ and has put the vids on youtube


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Did mine works well

the update with Park Assist
it includes:
- park assist
- PTC heater displaying
- marker and front light are
- locked door alert messages (messages only, doors still are
displays on the car image)
- modified turn off logic of MHU (mediaheadunit)
on ignition off and driver door open only
- clock in standby mode

- digital speed with displaying controlled by menu
extended colour theme menu (6 items for now)
- digital engine
temperature and voltage (on main interface and standby mode)
patch (for non-factory installed sensors without
replacement a BCMii module
and without installation of the wheel antennas.

- custom personal standby logo

update to lastest (1412)

change the km/miles

upload firmware you should have USB modified Elm327.t,




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I just checked and mine is 1304 is that old firmware?

What you have is exactly what I want on mine. How safe is it to have that done on mine and would it mess up anything in the future.

How do I get it on the USB and also transfer to the car? Sorry never done this before.

Also on a separate note if I was to change my stereo to an aftermarket can I somehow get my Convers+ to mirror it?



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The new software is 1412 or it was in march when i did mine.Had no problems with it.You need something like this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111854666064?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2661&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT to do the update.

Sorry dont know how you will go on with a aftermarket stereo.

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only seen for windows.you are better off geting the update and the mods in one go.Takes about 30-40mins to do.Email alex ( murphy@yandex.ru )

for the updates.He will give you all the support you need.

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I have now installed the mod to my 2008 MK4 titanium x sport.

Overall it took 4.5 hours as the biggest installer kept fail to finish.

I then had an issue with Elmconfig which once resolved the rest was easy.

I guess some of the add ons only appear when the item is in use.

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I don't suppose anyone lives near Doncaster Scunthorpe or Lincoln that could update mine I live in between all these and could do with an update I have a 2009 titanium x with org software 

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Hi, I am quite new here. Just came across all of this new stuff that I can have with the Update.

if I contact this Murphy guy, how much will he charge me for the update? Or is it free, highly doubt it.

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Hi I have 2008 titanium x and my stereo which is convers + keeps switching on and off?
I do updates convers+ if some one want to do17b0233b6a2b88f6e49553f063399e28.jpg877c8b82fc9cb2ae026496ce729c23d0.jpgcf501694d86bc8f8ce20576aac4e098d.jpg9bd4f0032762945f361fd88a555e6fb2.jpg339ee5d0c235535cbe609fb2b72a3a6d.jpga43fae2cd96297ad2b0d1518ea61526c.jpg6119b39b3039420aaa27f6b33627baa7.jpgf17b084bc9c768ebec0eab73536144d9.jpg84ccb73f0e3f9ca616bbe72ecef7f92c.jpg

Wysłane z mojego SM-G973F przy użyciu Tapatalka

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Hello All I am new to this site , I have a 2012 mondeo titanium estate , I am looking for upgrades to the convers+ , is there anybody in the Wigan area that does this upgrade, thank you . 

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Good eveing all

just bought my 2010 mondeo titanaium x sport have been looking at upgrading my convers+ and was wondering someone can help me or can acutely do it in heal Hempstead area? 


kind regards 


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