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so the word on the street is pink anti freeze but seen as there is either non in the system or very little i was going to drain it down and start again.

so my question is due to my car being a 1999 plate would i get away with blue anti freeze as it's going to take 6l or am i going to be robbed by the pink stuff? also is europarts red the same as the pink that i need as its gl12+?


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1999 will still run OAT coolant as far as I know. If its pink stuff in there, stick with it - its OAT and cannot be mixed with other types.

You can buy premixed stuff or concentrate. last time I bought 6litres, 5 litre and 1 litre bottle it was around £10 from eurocarparts.

Euro car parts item numbers, 523770511 and 523770512 with discount code XMAS comes to £9.76. It says red on the description but its not its pinky colour.

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It must be to Ford's specification for your car or you'll start having issues. Don't skimp as you'll cause more expensive problems in the long run.

how can i find the spec for my car? i dont have any manual will it be on the net?

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Go to Ford's part department and see what they try to sell you for your reg. Believe it or not, their coolant & fluids aren't too dear. Or, I'll try find out what Microcat says you'll need but it won't be tomorrow

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