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Ford Fiesta Mk6 Ignition Fault, Couldnt Start Engine

Nick Phan

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Hi everyone
I have a MK6 Fiesta 57 plate.
Few days ago, I realised a problem with my car ignition which prevent the car to turn electricity on and start the engine. When I turn the key ignition from I to II in order to turn the electricity on, nothing happened, however when I use my finger to turn the key just a little bit more toward number III position and keep my hand hold on the key, the electricity was on, but as soon as I take my hand off, the electricity turn off. Since then I couldn start the car engine on as the engine switch off by itself right after I take my hand off the key.
I did try to replace the car battery and also ignition cylinder but couldnt solve the problem.
Can anyone please give my some advice as I brought it to local garage and they couldnt help. (accept making me replace the battery and ignition cylinder which didnt work).
Many thanks

Below is the video i filmed myself

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I'd say the ignition barrel is at fault personally. You cannot hear it "latch" as it does what its supposed to do

Thank you for your reply Ginger Flame

I already tried to replace the ignition barrel but still doesnt work (picture). Probably the problem is somewhere further then that


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This is what the end of the barrel that i replaced look like.

The end part of the ignition will connect to the switch inside the key hole when insert it in. I currently cant figure it out how to remove and replace these switch

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I'd say the switch is at fault. Send Ian T a message. He may be able to provide you with in depth instructions

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Thank you very much. I'll send him a message.

However the switch still making sound whenever turning the key from 0 to 1 & 2, it just the electric does not turn on when key in number 2 position

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Mine is starting to do the same I have taken out the ignition barrel switch and need to get a new one, at first I thought it was the immobiliser as I put a new battery in and that seems to be the problem but now I’m having the same problems as when I let go of the key it turns off and none of the dials will move hope this will work 

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