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Before Buying A C-Max And A Transit, I Sent The Aa Tech Ahead...

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Before buying a C-Max and a Transit Van, I sent the AA engineer ahead of me. B)

So I am quite happy with both vehicles.

But I want to share a bit of wisdom.

Quite a while ago a German TV motoring program invited a top BMW guy, and in the live section a granny called in asking about advice to keep or to sell her BMW (5?) with a rather high mileage.

The guy asked various questions, and she explained that the car had all the services, and had been kept inside the garage all the time. It might have been a heated garage, i don't quite remember the detail.

And the BMW guy told her to keep it.

The station motor heads started to criticize him seriously, live on air, for giving the wrong advice. :angry:

The BMW guy pointed to all the services, and the protection of the car in the garage from the harsh winter elements.

Still the TV guys crapped him out, :angry: and eventually he explained that the BMW was made to last 600,000 kms, say 400,000 miles.

The TV guys fell silent.

So, if we do all the services, garage our cars, we can look forward to good service from them for their life time! :)

And don't have to buy expensive new ones! :D

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