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Fitting Fiesta St180 Induction Kit To 1.0L Eco Boost 140Ps

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Hi, new here but just a quick question as I don't think anyone has done this before, basically I bought my mates forge induction kit off his fiesta st180 (thinking it would fit mine and he sold it me cheap considering the price of these and it had only done 500 miles) fits into my car fine with heat shield. Swapped my MAF over onto it from the original air box too.


Although it does pull a lot better, and recently more frequently the service light keeps coming on? The car has only done 2600 miles from new. AND when it does come on the car does not build any boost and lacks hugely in power. the kit has been fitted for 4 days now

So this may sound like a stupid idea but is it with getting it mapped or just ditching this kit and getting one designed for my car in the first place or just resort back to air Box?

Help much appreciated

Thanks, Connor

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It's either the maf tube is the wrong way round or more likely the bore of the maf tube is larger than it should be, the ST's is larger than the ecoboost.

Take it off, sell it and get the correct one.

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I fitted a K&N filter with removable side bung on my Focus 1.6 Ecoboost and my service message came on along with limp mode twice in the following 2 months but its not come on for probably around 4 months now. I think my ecu needed to get used to the new filter and increased flow rate. Leave it on and see how it goes. Not sure about the Fiesta but the Focus uses the same size filter from the 1.0 to the 2.0 ST.

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Connor, this is a true story similar to yours;

Decades ago, early 90's?

A friend of my brother wanted his Fiat 1,4 Turbo to go faster.

Another friend, Francisco de Pontes, agreed to try fitting the Mitsubishi Tredia 1,8 Turbo onto the Fiat.

They blew 3 engines, but eventually got it right! :D

The Fiat guys were after them, to race it, but obviously they couldn't, being non standard.

Eventually the owner sold it, and the new owner came to Francisco to TUNE IT DOWN!

he he he he :D

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  • 4 years later...

Has anyone tried this but in reverse? Meaning a 1.0 forge induction kit to an ST180? I’ve got the cone filter and the MAF tube connected to it but wondering if the MAF tube section is too small for the standard induction hose? Any pointers will be appreciated. TIA

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