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Tyre Pressure Sensors

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Just fitted winter wheels, they have active sensors in them.

After about 15 minutes tyre pressure system malfunction light came on, reset tyre pressure setting and malfunction light went off. Drove for at least 30 minutes and no malfunction.

Do you think I now have the new sensors recognised?

2014 Fiesta 1.5 diesel Titanium.

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let us know how you got on, im sure you can learn them by driving , but the info i have is conflicting about driving and calibration with special tool.

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Is it possible to tell us how much you paid for 4 sensors?

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where can you find out what the tyre pressures are,

I checked my tyres yesterday and one of the rears was 38 and the other 41.

the pressure should have been 41 on both of them,

shoudnt the system have alarmed ?


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I have found what I think is a good site for finding out tyre pressures for Fords and other car makes, plus a lot of other information about tyres. Just select the tab 'Tyre Info' under the T in pure Tyre, then select Tyres pressure index, then click on the Ford badge.

The site is at http://www.puretyre.co.uk/

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