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59 Year Old Has Her Fiesta Red Edition, Black Roof, Bj15 Fxs Highjacked

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Police are appealing for information after a car-jacking in Birmingham in which logs were used to stop a vehicle.

A 59-year-old woman was driving along Packington Avenue in Shard End at 7am on Sunday when she spotted two logs in the middle of the road.

She swerved to avoid them and as she pulled up and got out of her car, a man jumped into the driver's seat and moved off.

The woman tried to hang on to the car but the man continued to accelerate, dragging her along for a short distance.

She suffered cuts and bruises to her face and was taken to hospital for treatment. She has since been released.

Police are asking anyone who was in the area at the time and may have seen someone carrying logs to get in touch.

Officers believe they were taken from a nearby children's play area.

Detective Constable Ben Allen said: "This was an unusual set of circumstances where a diversion was created in the road in order to get the driver to stop.

"It appears there was just one attacker who was a man wearing a scarf over his face.

"It was a really vicious attack and the woman has been left extremely upset and distressed by what happened."

The stolen car was a Ford Fiesta Red Edition with a black roof and the registration plate BJ15 FXS.

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My son (21) warned me flour was being used in weston, and never to stop not least leave the motor running. ..

As in they're throwing flour on windscreens?

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Common techniques involve throwing of eggs, flour, mud, leaving boxes by the side of the road with the likes of a fake cats tail, or a child seat turned around with a doll in them.

The advice is to pass on, do not use windscreen wipers or spray and do call the police asap.

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