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Fuel Price Cut Diesel

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With the cut in diesel fuel prices in the UK. Who uses supermarket branded diesel in their car and have you noticed any problems. I've got myself mk7 1.4 tdci only recently used supermarket fuel once then started using Shell had a petrol civic before and used supermarket before in that. As the filler cap has a sticker says use quality fuels.

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I've occasionally used fuel from supermarkets for over 16 years without any issues on many different cars

Just for clarification - all fuel sold in the U.K., whether branded or not, comes from the same few U.K. refineries & distribution depots

I do try to use branded fuel where possible though & in a Fraud, B.P. is recommended due to the engine research link between the two companies.

Shell's V Power is my preferred fuel.

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Bristol-Cheltenham are 99.7P per litre even at Branded stations

Morrisons Evesham is 99.7 not sure about tesco evesham havent been that way in the last few days


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