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2013 23K On Clock Frequent Battery Drain


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Hi Everyone

I own a late 2013 SMax Titanium X Sport.

I'm having problems with the battery draining every couple of months. Have noticed that the first sign battery is going flat is that the bluetooth goes, so I can't use my iPhone hands free. I mentioned this to the garage and they told me to turn it off. They have also said that I am not running it long enough to charge the battery and advised that I turn the radio, comfort console and automatic lights off every time I leave the car. Each flat battery I've had to call AA as I've been out somewhere or collecting car from air park! Most recent in the Aberdeenshire country side with 3 children and a black lab with no phone signal!! It's going back into the garage next week. I've said I'm not paying for it to be looked at as this is ridiculous and gone on to long. If they can't find anything wrong I'm pretty sure I will have to sell the car!! Each AA man has said they have had lots of call outs to flat battery's on Smaxs!!

Has anyone else had similar problems? Thanks in advance.

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I have just bought the same car for my wife, so this is a good heads up for me and I will do some battery drain checks.

I have a Nissan 350z and had problems with the battery going flat after a week standing in the garage. I disconnected the battery -ve lead and inserted a multimeter, set to measure DC amps, in series with the battery lead. I discovered that with the alarm activated there was a 0.7amp drain on the battery while standing.

I've no idea what size the S-max battery is just but say it was a 60A/Hr, and was drawing the same 0.7A then if the battery was brand new and fully charged, it would be flat in 60/0.7 Hrs ie 86 hrs or 3.6 days. Most batteries are never fully charged so it will be drained in less time. I now leave my Z in the garage without the alarm on.

Starting the car takes a lot of charge out of the battery and if your doing short runs it can't charge back up so gradually discharges over time. This is further compounded by the battery drain while its standing still with the alarm on.

I will do some measurements (if it ever stops raining) and report back.

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