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Competition - Yorkshire Detailing


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Right guys! So, The competition is back with revised entry procedure & rules!

To enter our competition, all you need to do is answer the questions below correctly

1.) How much would we charge you for delivery if your order with us weighed 8kg?

A. £1 B.£10 C.£6.50 D.£7.50

2.) Including our own, How many brands do we stock here at Yorkshire detailing?

A.2 B.3 C.6 D.7

3.) How much do our interior detailing Services start at?

A.£5 B.£15 C.£25 D.£30


How much would it cost for you to buy the following from us?

Our own, Reversal 70ml

Inspired Automotive Mirror Image 500ml

Kleen Freaks Glass cleaner & Sealant 500ml

Madcow Mango Sauce 500ml

ODK Waxes Concours 200ml

Autobead Shine + Protect 500ml

30W LED floodlight

Wax Planet Orbit 200ml

How much would postage cost you?

All members with the correct answers will be added to a draw and a winner will be chosen at random.

The WINNER will get;

Yorkshire detailing Reversal 70ml

A 500ml Inspired Automotive Spray Fragrance of their choice

A small bottle of Inspired Automotive Show glaze

A 10% single use sitewide YD discount code

All other correct answers will receive;

A 5% single use Sidewide discount code!

The competition will run until Midnight Friday 29th January. The winner will be announced on Monday the 1st February.



This competition is not run by or endorsed by FOC or any of it's staff (except myself).

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I would want to win an actual car answering all that!;)

Good luck to anyone that enters if Ian hasn't already won!:D

I'm working to give you the prizes, hence you should work to win ;)

Visit a website and add things to a Basket, answer some questions and you get free stuff, paid for by me :)

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2 hours ago, jeebowhite said:

prize me Kieran :p

There's always the possibility that no-one got the answers correct, so Kieran doesn't have a winner to announce:tongue:

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