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Newish Car Wanted - £10K

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Hi Everyone,

Currently I have a 2001 Ford Focus Ghia which is 1.8 Petrol. It has 102'000 miles on the clock. It's not that economical and costs about £240 a year in road tax, and every year will fail it's MOT on something. Saying that though, it is very reliable although quite uncomfortable.

The car is probably worth £400-500.

My Needs

I am 31, no family and no plans for family. I am due to start a new job in the next few months which is 25 miles away - mainly motorway. So that's 50 mile round trip.

As a result, I really want cruise control

Economical is a must ...

Low road tax

Relatively low mileage ideally, 30'000 or so if that's achievable?

Saying all this, I've decided that I would like the car to have a bit of power in it. I'm not at all a "boy racer" but I just don't want a car that takes an age to speed up... my current car is pretty good in that respect, quite zippy.

NOTE: I know I'm asking for a lot!


As stated, £10k probably. I plan to get a loan and pay it off over 3 years or so. I've been mainly looking at Auto Trader just for ideas.

I've had my eye on the Ford Focus Titanium as I know that has Cruise Control, DAB radio. Also appears to be a solid car. Is the X version just got heated seats and half leather seats?

I think a Mondeo is too big and I don't want a Fiesta.

I've looked at other brands of cars but I'm a big Ford fan so probably will stick with it for now.



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You wont go wrong with the Focus. I bought a 2012 Focus Zetec S 1.6 ecoboost in April last year for £9000 private sale and I love it. Not much leg room in the back with me being tall but overall a great car. Ive only had one problem which was a leak in the boot but that was an easy diy fix. Private sales on cars with manufacturers warranty still remaining will save you quite a bit of money if you shop around like i did. Good luck with the search.:)

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I looked at a 3.5 y/o petrol focus titanium a few months back, 30 000 mi and loads of extras. With something like that you would definitely have some change left over from £10k

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