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1.8 Tdci Missfire/loss Of Power


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If any one can offer any advice on this I would be very grateful.

My Smax has developed a horrible fault. I misfires and I mean misfires badly when you put your foot down.

It does not smoke too much when it happens, but it simply won't go.

I tried blanking off the EGR (being used to Td5 landrovers, this can cause similar issues) to no avail.

I did have a plug in power box on but remove this after this had
happened after this happend a while ago. Also a while ago it did pop the
(whayt I assume is the MAP sensor) out of the pipe leading to the
intercooler to the inlet manifold requiring a new pipe.

I have also tried unplugging the MAF which made no difference(again LR stuff responds to this if the MAF is faulty)

I am now thinking maybe it is the Torbo modulator valve if it has one
(Sorry, but again common fault on Td5 engines) Not sure if this is what
it is calld on the TDci engine, but I would imagine it would be similar.

Until now the car has really surprised me with its performance compared
to the 1.8 Tdci focus it has replaced, with better fuel economy (6sp
helps) and the torque it has by comparison.

I an going to get it fault checked on Wednesday, but if anyone can help
or has had similar symptoms and found the cause, please let me know.

Many thanks in advance.

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