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Hi Forum!!

Firstly id like to say thanks for letting me become part of this community and hi to everyone :)

I have just bought a Ford Mondeo 2010 60 plate Estate Titanium X Sport.

Since bringing it home the alarm constantly goes off.

I get a message on the dash saying bonnet open when its closed.

When open the doors to stop the alarm and then lock again the indicators don't flash on lock but the doors lock. if this happens the alarm goes off almost straight away.

If i open all the doors inc the bonnet and close again, go for a drive, the bonnet error goes. I then get out car lock all indicators flash then after a period of time back to square 1.

Hope this makes sense

Love the car hate this situation - Poor neighbours!!

Any ideas?

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find the bonnet open switch on the catch, unplug it, (black 2 pin plug) and join the 2 pins together on the plug with a paper clip . so your bypassing the switch.

then check if the open bonnet warning has gone. if it has then it will look like you need a new bonnet catch.

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open the bonnet, then look down to see the catch, to access the catch switch you need to remove the plastic panel that covers either side of catch, easy to get off. just 2 clips you will see to remove then pull plastic panel off.

you will then see the lower part of catch and small plug with 2 wires( wire colours should be blue/orange and black/blue)

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Would this error cause the alarm to go off if said switch was faulty?

While your answering this do you know if the 2.0 petrol titanium x sport has a timing belt or chain?

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Nice one Ian thanks for your help - I'll leave the car open tonight hopefully that will give the neighbours rest, Thankfully I'm able to do this as I'm in a quiet village :)

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Does anyone know the answer to the LPG question? Im seeing conflicting reports - Some are saying it cant be done but some are saying new technology now allows it to be done?

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