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Warning Light On Dash (!) With Cog Around

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I have a ford focus 1.8 TDCI 06 plate, and bought it two days ago.

First day was fine, I had a new wind screen placed into the car,

second day was fine, I drove it to work no problems until a light came on, which has (!) with a cog around it?

The heaters are really hot really quick.

I carried on driving as I knew it was due in the garage in a few days to be checked out anyways as a pre-mot.

Yesterday and today it wont start? Its been bump started and is now in the garage being looked at, as it has:-

* Knocking noise on the front end quite loud

* Warning light

* Needs new discs and pads.

Any opinions on this warning light and the fact the car wont start?

Obviously the garage will tell me just want to make sure they don't rip my eyeballs out.

First ford focus estate.

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