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After market head unit


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Good evening

i have purchased an after market head unit and believe I will need to buy a harness to be able to connect it

so I need a separate harness for the stalk controls ? 

Please help 

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Hi there. I have just done the same & yes, I needed an adaptor for the same reason as you. Not sure if I can post a link for you, but this is where I got mine from:


Good luck.


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What facia and cage do i need to fit the stereo?

i have been looking on ebay to find the correct one but I'm unsure. any ideas or links to the one i need guys.

correct me if i am wrong but i will need a facia surround and a cage for the head unit to sit in



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the unit works off 3 wires 1 earth then 2 earth returns to head unit to work the controls, its hard to explain but if u know some1 that knows audio then you'll be fine. a lot of after market headunits come pre wired so should just work ;-)


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