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Smax 2.5 Titanium Engine Problem (no compression)


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Can anyone please help!!!!

I was driving home from shopping & my auxiliary belt snapped :(( I called the AA & when he arrived he said there is no compression so the belt must of gone inside the cambelt?? he towed me to a garage & we noticed that the cambelt was still on but every time we turned the key it would just spin with no compression?? anyway the garage has now had my car for a week... they have put the timing back but said it didn't make a difference & I need a new engine :(( I have only owned the car 5 months & really don't know what to do?? Any suggestions would be very helpful :)

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If you bought the car from a garage, dealer, or trader, contact them in writing, delivered recorded and explain the circumstance. You need to demand repair of the car to your satisfaction, under the Sale of goods act, citing a car not fit for purpose, and sold faulty. Given that you have only had it five months, you should still be able to easily invoke your consumer rights. What is the mileage of the car? If it has exceeded its recommended change, then you may have no leg to stand on, however, if the car is not near its renewal mileage, you should be fine

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