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Does a 6000cd have a rear fuse?


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Bought my 55 plate 2.0 Ghia two weeks ago with no radio in it as the original had blown. The dealer said he'd had an audio guy out to check it all over and power was going up to the connector but the radio was dead. He said he'd buy a second hand one online and post it to me. 

I got the radio yesterday but when I plugged it in there was no power to the radio so I looked in the central fuse box only to find that my box has been changed to a later version so I couldn't find out from my handbook where the audio fuses were. (see my post yesterday about fuse box).  I called the dealer and he assured me that it was just the radio that was at fault but he did say that there should be a fuse on the back of the radio which might have blown. I looked and saw that under the connector it looks like there should be a fuse but it was missing, see photo.

Can anyone tell me if it should have a fuse and what type? If it doesn't can anyone tell me the fuse positions on the later central fuse box, I was told in my other post 2006 onwards. 

If it turns out that the 6000cd doesn't have a rear fuse and my main fuses are ok then either the eBay radio is faulty or my dealer is lying to me about the power to the connector.


2016-01-27 09.19.03.jpg

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OK. I've now found out that it doesn't have one as the dealer who sold me the car and sent me the replacement radio told me so. 

I changed the fuse and now the radio is working but I have one problem and a couple of queries. 

The time and date on the radio won't save when I turn off the radio although bizzarely my saved radio presets do save. I have looked at fuse 104 but it was OK. 

Also the dealer said the 6000cd radio he ordered me was a 6cd front loading unit. I can only insert one cd not six. If I press the CDDJ button it says not available. I'm also under the impression that I can't use the glove box aux in with this unit,is that the case? I linked my phone to the unit in the hope that I would be able to play music from my phone through the phone connection but can't. 

Has anyone got any ideas about the above or indeed any ideas as to how I can play music from my phone through this unit? 


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The old 6000CD with CDDJ button is a single CD radio that supports a seperate CD changer (option) that is mounted under the passenger seat.  This type of radio does not have an AUX input.

The 6000CD with CDDJ button was superseded in 2006 by the 6000 CD with AUX button.


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The 6000CD with CDDJ button has no AUX input. The only way to connect a phone to this radio is by using a CD changer emulator or a FM transmitter. Both are not ideal.

Personally I would install the correct type of 6000CD radio with the AUX button or even better the original Sony radio.


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16 hours ago, fladavid said:

So without changing the head unit there is no other way to play music from my phone apart from using an FM transmitter? I've not had great success with those over the years. 

this is how i did my sons 6000cd 



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