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Hello from Birmingham! VW to Ford... Regret already, Help!


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Hello to everyone on the forum!

Iv always been into VW, currently also own a MK1 Fabia vRS 1.9 TDi 130 (but remapped:))

Now, just a few days ago i purchased my first ever Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 130, couldn't resist as it had very low mileage and 1 owner with lots of spec and a massive boot:)

The elderly gentlemen mentioned he had replaced the battery a few days ago due to losing charge, i said OK. Also at the time after completing the paperwork and payment, i come back outside to find the Mondeo revving itself intermittently, i revved it and it levelled for a bit. I didn't take much notice at the time.

 Driving back, i loved it. Very nice and tight gearbox, lovely acceleration, well pleased UNTIL i switched the headlights on whilst driving, heaters also and then all of a sudden battery light on and then the Speedometer needle just dropped, still driving fine. Switched lights off and speedo was back on. Pulled into service station, opened the bonnet, engine was as if it was chocking and then it just cut off?? 

Any way, will post up a thread regarding this issue in the right section and hopefully you guys can shine some light on it :)

At the moment im dissapointed with my purchase of a Ford;( but hopefully you guys and can make it better :)

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Would it not have been possible to obtain a refund or have the seller repair? That would have been an easier route I would think. Personally I think the seller of the vehicle was aware of the faults, that's just my opinion. Too bad you've had a bad experience with Ford and sorry to hear the problems you're facing. I believe one of the faults GingerFlame mentioned would be the case.

My first car is my current car, the Ford Fiesta Mk6.5. Honestly I've not had any major problems (and I hope it stays this way) but in terms of repair/garage costs, Ford are fairly cheap/reasonably priced based on my previous visits. I'm a fan of all cars to be honest and I like Volkswagen too; I find that their maintenance/repair costs are fairly expensive though. Volkswagen Major service costs £299 from VW versus £195 from Ford, but then again if you can afford a VW it shouldn't affect you much, hopefully. :)

Sorry again to hear your problems and I hope your plate frees up sooner, rather than later. :)

All the best and kindest regards.

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