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My new Mondeo with problems :( Battery light and judder/cut off when revved

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Fairly new to the Ford scene. Iv just recently purchased my first ever Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 130, couldn't resist as it had very low mileage and 1 owner with lots of spec and a massive boot:)

The elderly gentlemen mentioned he had replaced the battery a few days ago due to losing charge, i said OK. After completing the paperwork and payment, i came back outside to find the Mondeo revving itself intermittently, i revved it and it levelled. I didn't take much notice at the time.

Driving back, i loved it. Very nice and tight gearbox, lovely acceleration, well pleased UNTIL i switched the headlights on and heaters and then all of a sudden battery light on and then the Speedometer needle just dropped, still driving fine. Switched lights off and speedo was back on. Pulled into service station, opened the bonnet, engine was as if it was chocking and then it just cut off?? 

Jump started it a few times and had it recovered, alternator replaced, starts up fine but battery light still comes up? Also whilst idling, when revved and accelerator is let go, whilst revvs are coming back down to normal it judders at the bottom and then normal, sometimes cuts off if revved very heavy??

Please Ford Gurus shine some light onto this for me ;)

Any advise will be much appreciated.

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I've Googled and this site seems to suggest you've got a more powerful battery than what you need, it suggests the e11 for the 2.2l


That shouldn't be the reason for those results though I wouldn't have thought:unsure: as i had a more powerful battery than what i needed in my fester years ago

You say you've already checked the alternator, have you checked the leads? I dunno what else to suggest it's defo electrical isn't it hmm 

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I've just spoken to my hubs about this, he's asked if you've checked all the fuses? And suggested it could be a fault on the ecu, if no one else gets back pop it into ford steamship and get them to run diagnostics on it to find out what's going wrong. I'd also phone the chap you bought it from and ask if it was doing any of this before, he might be unhelpful sold as seen etc, but he just might point you in the right direction hth

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If this is happening when excessive load is put onto the electrics, it sounds like the alternator is still problematic. The wrong alternator may have been put onto the car, and if its only outputting 12v during light use, and then the electrics are burdened further, its possible this could cause the symptoms you mention.

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Cheers guys for your advice and input, very much appreciated :thumbsup:

However iv already decided to sell up :( will be putting it up for sale with the faults, something previous owner forgot to do.

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