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Odometer Issues

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Hi All!

New poster here - wondering if anyone can help or give me some advice...

I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta Zetec, 1.5 Diesel. I have been given a work car a few months back so haven't used this car as much as I originally was (maybe once a month now). When I last went to use the car a couple of days ago and also today, the small display in the middle of the dashboard which displays my trip computer info (average speed, average mpg, distance to 0 etc) is blank. It did flicker on and off briefly the other day but has shown no signs of life at all today.

Does anyone know what may cause this issue and if/how it can be fixed?

It's a car I actually lease through a company so not sure where I would stand on having to pay for this to be fixed but seemed strange for it to flick on and off the other day - indicating it can't be completely broken?

Sorry if this has been convered previously. I did do a search but didn't fine anything.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Thanks for the replies... All other electronics are working fine and the problem persists with the engine running, yeah. It's a strange one as it was working fine and seems to have stoped since I tried the vehicle most recently.

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Connection somewhere possibly, fuse,  don't know . I have the same car so very interesting. There must be some electrical wiz out there somewhere. I did have a quick google and a chap there had a dry soildered joint on the board. Still under guarantee take it in.

Bought mine from Hadfield Road off Penarth Road you know where that is. Chap called James, I only went for a look came away with car but he gave me a good trade in.  Bay very nice. But not as nice as Mid Wales of course.

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Yeah I'm beginning to think it might be a connection somewhere. Was wondering if it could be something to do with the sensor malfunctioning due to the car not being used as frequently as it probably should be (especially being a diesel).


Yeah I'm reptty local to that garage so I might pop down later and see what they can suggest. Hopefully I won't come away with a new car like you did as my bank balance definitely wouldn't thank me for it!

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