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Help in the Glasgow area?

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Hi all, new to the forum but jumping right in...


I need help, actual physical help. I'm not remotely mechanically minded/able so hence the needing help part.

I don't expect your time for free but we can discuss payments/rewards privately.


I just bought my first car, an old Focus 04 and it's got a few wee niggles....


The ABS/screen wash warning lights are on but the garage says they are both fine.

From what I've been reading this is a common issue with the control panel and can be resolved easily with a toothbrush and some cleaning stuff rather than forking out £400 for a new one.

The window wipers make a hell of a noise, the exhaust seems noisy, central locking seems a bit slow to respond and there's a slight damp smell I need advice on getting rid off.

I'm also looking for a cheap parcel shelf, when I say cheap I'm not paying £45 for one! I could probably do with a spare key as well.


I'm just looking to expand the cars life until I'm ready to move on.


Anybody free to help?

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On ‎03‎/‎02‎/‎2016 at 0:24 AM, stef123 said:

Would love to have helped you out but I have a seriously big workload this week/weekend. 


No bother.


I'm sticking it into the garage tomorrow, the engine warning light has now on. I think I will just ask the guy to have a good look at it.

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