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After hitting a pothole...

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Not happy. On way to work earlier on, just over the brow of a short incline out of visible sight a short, sharp, deep pothole...


Luckily there is no damage as yet to the wheel or drive. However, after starting my car back up after work my music no longer works.

Now this happens often where my iPad doesn't fancy playing ball. But this time it's different. 

The Speakers when connected to my iPad make a static connection throb-sound? (Like a speaker machine gun?)

The radio plays music fine. My phone can call people. I can hold a conversation fine, with no interuptions from this. 

Anyone have any advice? Tips? Solutions? Anything? I'm going to take it into my local TrustFord tomorrow about it. But I would love to know what you guys on here think? Or if you've had a similar issue?  

In addition to this but not from the pothole. I'm not happy because my wind deflectors are the worst! 

They make the Windows stick when they wind upwards, makes a creaking sound as like there is strain on either the deflector or glass. 

I understand you have to let them set etc... But I refitted them 3/4days ago. 

They are utter useless. I've also found they create more road noise... I do however love the look of them therefore I've left my rear deflectors on until I come up with a solution or purchase some more. Which I can't see myself doing due to the cons out weighing the pros. 

I'm really not happy at the situation I'm in. 

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