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The whole car and engine shakes when turned off, why ? I would really appreciate your help.

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I would sincerely appreciate any helpful advice here. I am very frustrated and wound up about this.


Several months ago my friend who is a qualified master technician replaced the EGR inc manifold on my car, while doing so he said something was jammed in or on the engine mounts and said he had removed whatever it was. he said the mount was bad (center mount I think ) and should be replaced

As soon as I got back in my car after then , Every single time I turn engine off the whole car shakes , I even looked at engine as it was turned off and it shakes a lot, My friend tested for bad engine mounts by rocking engine but was no movement, was solid. even revved car with Ebrake on and no sign of bad mounts in his opinion.

Before he did whatever he did the car turned off very smoothly with no shake on turn off

I asked him if he would replace the mount that he previously told me was bad and he acted as though he could not remember anything about what he told me, asking me how do I know the mount was bad , I told him he told me it was and he says he cannot remember but he thinks mount is okay.


So I want to take it to somebody else and get an opinion from them, and get them to do whatever it is that it needs.



My car recently began making a very loud rattle from under the bonnet every time engine is turned off, I think the violent judder when the engine is turned off had loosened something  ?


I drive a 2006 mk2 focus 1.8 TDCI Sport

Please advise me and help me on what you think the problem may be ?



Many thanks


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2 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Sounds like the anti-shudder valve isn't working if there is one on this engine.  It's like a butterfly valve in the inlet that snaps shut when you switch the engine off to avoid 'shudder'. 





no, the anti shutter valve is working fine, I can hear it clatter a few seconds after engine is turned off, sound has been there since got the car, been told it is normal.


As said, the issue only happened immediately after he removed something that he said was jammed into or onto the engine mount.

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2 hours ago, dezwez said:

change the   engine mount. see if the shake goes cant be that much to replace it

Hi, thanks for advice


Brian said something was jammed in or around mount so he removed it and at the times he also said mount was bad. The first time I turned my engine off after then I noticed a very bad shake in the car and also see the engine moving too.

He checked engine mount recently by rocking engine and he said there was no play in it, he also put the ebrake on and revved the car and said it seemed fine.

Now it had loosened something under the bonnet, I hear a loud rattle when switching engine off.



There is something wrong and he has caused it, I want to get somebody else to sort it for me , Brian is an idiot


Can it still be bad engine mount despite feeling no play when rocking engine ?


Many thanks

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