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Recognising a Powershift on a 59 Mondeo?

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Appreciate this is a daft question but ...

I'm about to sell my 59'plate Mondeo Estate Titanium X [140] Auto.  Fairly low miles, had it from nearly new and never really given much thought to all the toys on it until I've come to sell it.  For a start, it's got keyless entry/start, a CD interchanger in the boot and a touchscreen display controlling satnav, climate controls, CD, phonebook, etc..  Other Titanium X mondeos of the same age don't seem to have these as standard, so I'm guessing they're optional extras?  

My main question is about the auto gearbox, and how I tell whether it's a Powershift?  It's six speed and smooth as silk.  Knock the lever to the right and it goes into sport mode, and knock it up/down and shifts like a tiptronic would.  Not sure when the Powershifts were introduced, and not sure I'd know one if I saw it.




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