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Dodgy Dimplex... Help Required!


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A couple of weeks ago I purchased a Dimplex convector heater as the storage heating is simply too expensive to run and we just need "on demand" heat for one room.

It was brand new in box but did fall over in the car, which I suspect may have caused the following issue:

It has two heat settings, and whilst it will happily sit on heat setting 1 all day long without complaining, should you turn it up to 2 it will only go for around 30 seconds and then you hear a "tick" and it turns off.  After turning it off at the mains for a minute or two another tick is heard and it can be turned back on, but on setting 2 it just keeps shutting off.

I suspect there is some sort of short-circuit somewhere, but I can't figure out where!  I have included a few pictures if those are of any help.

I'm normally pretty good with electronics, but this just confuses me. 








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I suspect it's shorting out when turned onto 2 make sure the ground connector screws are fastened tightly if they are not screws and are just soldered to the frame make sure they are soldered down properly.

If it turns off after a few seconds or upwards it could be a dodgy heat sensor in which case take it back for a refund.

Also as another measure make sure none of the electronics inside are touching components they are not supposed to e.g an open wire or the heating elements.


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Thanks for the advice - taking it back is not an option as although it was new it is an older model (bought privately). 

I'm thinking it could be the heat sensor as it heats on 2 for 30 seconds before cutting out.

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