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Whats next for more power?

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I have just bought a 2.0 litre tdci focus the 136hp. Ive removed the dpf, egr and cat and had it it remapped the car seems to pull a lot better but considering the car has no dpf or cat it still sounds quiet. 

I was just wondering if its because ive just cut the cat and dpf rather than using proper pipes and if using a proper exhaust will make it sound better. 

I also wanted to know if there are any other  cheap or easy mods to do for more power apart from air filter. Or if not what is the next step for more power. 

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It's going to start taking quite some cash to start bringing out more power, get looking around for new clutch kit (uprated kit) bigger turbo, perhaps try getting a custom remap rather than a generic remap, but I'm not an expert and you will need to talk to a motorsport professional who should be able to help and advise you.   

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