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New 2016 SMAX - Questions that could't be answered by dealer!


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I have just taken delivery of a brand new Ford SMAX. I’m really pleased with the vehicle but have three questions that couldn’t be resolved by my local Ford dealer or through the car handbook.
1. Is there a way to set one of the rear doors to child proof locking? I am aware of the electronic solution using the button on my dash controls but that disables both rear doors and windows. I would just like to make one door child proof where my 2 year olds car seat is.
2. I have the SYNC 2 with Touchscreen 2014 system installed however it is unclear how I make use of the app link catalogue. In particular I am interested in using Spotify from my iPhone. However I can play music from my iPhone using the Spotify app when controlling through the iPhone but can find no way of controlling Spotify with the SYNC 2. I certainly don’t get the screen Ford Spotify screen shown in the following link on Ford's website : http://www.ford.co.uk/OwnerServices/SYNC-and-Bluetooth-Support
3. The vehicle doesn't come with car mats for the 3rd row. However, the ford accessories system currently doesn;t have mats on their system for the 3rd row. Do you know if the mat design is the same as pre-2015 SMAX models and I can purchase them? or is it a new design and I'll just have to wait until Ford catches up!
Your help and assistance would be appreciated.
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Hi Scott, did you find an answer to your child locking a single door, am about to take delivery of 2016 version and would be handy if you could lock out a single door like in the old fords with a key in the door lock mech. 

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