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Afternoon all, 

I wanted to ask some advice on car insurance, my renewal is up in the next few weeks and Quote me Happy have decided to quote me at £750. My last years annual premium was only £550 so they want another £200 out of me despite me having more no-claims etc. As you can probably assume I've chosen not to renew with them, therefore I've been looking around. 

Firstly I started looking on the comparison sites about couldn't get this below £620, this isn't a bad quote but I was hoping nearer last years premium (£550) I then decided to phone around some of the "over-the-phone" insurers such as Adrian-Flux & Chris Knott insurance. 

Adrian-flux gave me a quote of £1,600 which was just frankly outrageous.

Chris Knott insurance told me they no longer insurance vehicles that were kept on the road (outside the house) in the Liverpool area.

Bottom line is I understand that the insurance has gone up drastically this year, probably due to these floods etc. That being said i think the cheapest insurance is still 25% more expensive which is ridiculous.

Can anyone recommend any reasonable car insurers for the car below?

Car : 2012 Ford Focus Titanium TDCI Estate 1.6L



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19 hours ago, SeanW said:

Look at cashback websites for one

Two - try tweaking tour job title slightly...Martin Lewis has some good articles and tools on his website about car insurance

I was going to say this as well,

Another thing I noticed, if you use the comparison sites, they will all differe slightly, literally do the same quotes for all of them and just watch the differences, I saved £100 from a quote from AXA on comparethemarket by switching to moneysupermarket.

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The insurance companies have different "brokers" representing them on each comparison website.  It's a trick they have to ensure they are offering exclusive prices to each comparison website.  

Each comparison website has slightly different questions - which results in slightly different quotes.

I used Topcashback this year.  Using their comparison tool, I had a quote come back at about 30p more than the cheapest quote elsewhere (same insurance company - Esure).

This one came with £70 cashback though :D  The 90 day wait was worth the initial extra 30p lol

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Thanks for the advice guys, I've been changing my job title a lot to give the cheapest outcome. Furthermore I've used different comparison sites which has resulted in about £30 sayings so far!

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Never a more truer saying than no matter what your car insurance costs, you'll only find out how good it is (or isn't) when you actually go to make a claim!

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