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Bolts are missing from middle engine mount, would that cause these symptoms ?

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Ever since a friend removed something that he said '' was jammed on (or in) the engine mount that shouldn't be there'' I feel my car shake when turn the engine off and I looked at the engine and it shakes a lot when engine turned off.

It has also loosened something again under the bonnet as I now hear a rattle when engine is turned off.

We tried rocking engine to see if it had play on it but was solid so he dismissed it being the engine mount *despite earlier saying it was the mount )


I didn't believe him so took it to a garage to have it check to see if it was leaking oil ( they said turbo oil feed pipe seems to have slight leak ) but I did not mention anything to the mechanics there about the engine mount. however after he returned my car he mentioned it to me telling me that bolts were missing from the centre engine mount.


My question is,  Would missing bolts from an engine mount cause the engine to shake ?


it only happened after he messed around near engine mount area and removed something from mount area so that is why I know it is related to the engine mount

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