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Ford Focus - How much engine oil should my engine be using?


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I own a 2012 Ford Focus (Mark 3) 1.6 ti vct (petrol) with nearly 19 000 miles on the clock. How much engine oil (in ml) should this engine be using for how many miles of driving e.g. 500ml for 2000 miles of driving. Thanks


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I should of thought it would use next to no oil, of all the 1.6 16v petrol ones I've owned, none of them have used oil, the lowest mileage I've owned was 5k miles, the highest 70k miles, none of them used a drop!

Have you checked for any leaks or any blue smoke from the exhaust?

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should use no oil, especially on a 4 year old car. some older cars, approx. 15 years old + will consume some oil which is considered normal so long as it doesn't exceed past a certain amount.


as said though, a 4 year old car should consume no oil.



have it checked for oil leaks or see if any blue some is emitted via the exhaust, smell it and decide if it smells unusual, it could be burning oil

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