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Which Phone Holder to Use mk3 Focus


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Hi all


I am looking at purchasing a new phone holder for my focus as i currently try and use a KENU airframe, which was great on my previous car a Honda Civic but doesnt quite fit well on my air vents in the focus, mainly because the vent slats are vertical and the damn holder wont support my iPhone 6 securely.

Anyone on here using anything different with a good degree of sucess.

Would prefer to not use a window mounted holder


Thanks in advance

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Take a look at Brodit kits.

You choose the bracket that suits your car (and preferred mounting location) and then add the holder to suit your device.

I have a bracket on my A pillar that holds my phone perfectly.

Photo to follow.

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Brodit don't sell directly so you will find it is best to choose your bracket and holder (passive/socket powered/hardwired power) and then search eBay or amazon for the relevant parts.

I've used Brodit for years personally (and also used extensively in my work car) and a few others on the club swear by them too.

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Still Brodit every time? 

With - https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/Ford/Focus/2012/654620.htm

I want to get something so there is no cables for my phone so thinking this, http://www.brodit.com/product.html?id=527667&pn=prod&brand=Apple&model=iPhone 6S Plus 


 http://www.brodit.com/product.html?id=527804&pn=prod&brand=Apple&model=iPhone 6S Plus - padded.

How easy is it to install the charging wire?

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Easy to fit.

Just crimp a fusetap onto the live wire and piggyback it into an ignition live fuse slot (F85 is a good one) and run the earth to a body mounted bolt / screw.

Tuck the cables under the dash and job done.






Put the original fuse in the bottom slot and a new fuse in the top slot to match the amp rating of the cradle supply.

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