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Is there a way I can update my built in sat nav ?!

Lots of the roundabouts and junctions I am driving through seem to have changed and my sat nav tells me the completely wrong thing 

Help :(



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The cards are pretty standard SD cards for all ford cars. Mine is F5 on a 16 plate focus tit. I have seen F6 for sale on flea bay.

There is a thread on FOC on how to update. Here is the link.


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15 hours ago, Mickrick1 said:

How do I know which of the cards on offer will suit my 14 plate Mondeo? Do the cards differ for different models on car?


I looked at the photos of the packaging to see which cars it was compatible with e.g. Fiesta from 2013. Mine is just Sync 1 though so the SD card I bought would probably not work in your Mondeo (assuming it's Sync 2).

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The "f" ones are for sync2 cars. They are specific to the type of sync you have, so be careful before buying. As far as I know f5 is the latest sync2 version. There is a v6, but that's a different system.

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I'm still waiting for my new map SD card, but it's coming from Poland so might have to wait a while :(

Even thought my maps are currently about 3 years out of date, the satnav still works surprisingly well. Live traffic always works and seems pretty accurate, telling me how fast the traffic is moving. I think as long as the roads you're driving on haven't changed since the map was updated, it gets live traffic data for those roads.

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Got the new SD card, tried it in the car and I just get "Data error, Check SD card" :angry:

Does anyone know if this means I've been sold a faulty / invalid SD card or do I need to update the Sync software to support it? (and how would I do that?)

It clearly states on the eBay listing that this SD card supports the Fiesta from 2013 onwards, and nothing about any other requirements, so if it's genuine then it should work.

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I finally got a replacement SD card and it works fine, so the first one they sent was faulty. It actually updated the satnav software as well as the maps, but it's mostly the same as before.

For anyone else getting a new SD card, I would recommend having the ignition on while the maps are being updated to stop the screen from turning itself off. The update took a few minutes and after that the satnav took about a minute to be ready. It kept giving the "navigation not available" error but you just have to be patient.

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