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Hi All, I have a 2009 Ford Fiesta 1.4tdci style and a few weeks ago the engine management light came on and the engine stuttered then ran ok but light still on. I checked the computer code which indicated that the EGR valve was faulty. I replaced the EGR and reset the diagnostics and drove the car on a 50 mile trip with no problem and parked the car at my house. When I started the car the next morning the engine management light was on again and the car stuttering intermittently. The codes indicate the EGR again. Can anyone shed any light on why this would happen. My dilemma is this: I put the car to a Ford Garage who tell me its the EGR and they replace it and a fault occurs soon after. Is there something else electrically that could cause the EGR to go faulty. Any ones help will be greatly appreciated.

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